hair is determined by family history like blacks have curly hair
white hair stopping is not possible and is due to family history only
3 types of hair loosing
  1. loosing 100 hairs and gaining 100 or so. Loosing 100 per day our hair still looks normal as we are also gaining 100 or so hair.
  2. loosing 100 gaining 40-50 so thin hair causes of hair loss
    1. family history is the main cause
    2. not good eating habits - nutrition
    3. dandruff due to not having head bath every day.
    4. dont put hot water directly on hair
    5. dont use shampoo - chemical effect instead use lemon
    6. eat protein food (hair is waste material and people who eat lot of protein food have lot of hair)
    1. protein food sprouted beans peanuts soaked in water, or fresh ones is very good or soak in water overnight and eat in the morning. soyabean has the highest protein soak in water overnight and put some in the food, green leafy veggies
    2. head bath everyday
    3. weekly once instead of shampoo use kunkudukaya
    4. oil is not compulsory(oil helps a little in preseving color etc and so apply oil at night and shower in the morning.
    key is eating enough of the nutritous food in right amount
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