when we sweat we are washing body not hair.
dandruff is due to not enough washing hair
using shampoos is not good
We see in ads etc what shampoo to use to remove dandruff
none of the shampoos eliminated dandruff problem
When we sweat through our body, we feel like washing off or showing
We are washing body not hair.
people are washing hair once in a week or so and that is not good.
people say that you have hair loss or get cold if shower daily

when do we sweat
heat outside
eat hot food

  1. take head bath everyday is the only solution
  2. If you just have head bath dandruff doesnt go away by itself.
    while showering put nails on the head and then scrub. this will not help dandruff to go away.
    best way to shower is: we are not cleaning properly. when you scrub, scrub the roots with fingers.
  3. weekly once use kunkudukaya
  4. use oild before shower if you dont like dont use
  5. shampoo does not help even 1 %
How is dandruff caused
  1. If we dont take head bath for a week or so, Head has sweat (98% water and some waste and remain and collect in head.
  2. bacterial gets collected and settled and thickens and gets infected. Dandruff is bacterial infection
    head wasted becomes dandruff and when we comb falls off.
Keeping hair clean is the only solution to avoid dandruff.
that means take head bath everyday, every time we sweat the sweat should not get collected.
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