with old age the reason for pain or water reduce in around bones is due to lack of exercise and eating salt-sodium Na is already there in food in certain quantity and is enough for body adding additional salt, goes and deposits everywhere in the body
we are not exercising and so salt cannot go out via sweat and so deposits around the bones and water collects and becomes sodium bicarbonate crystals
Salt has direct link to bone problems
cartilage or cushion btw the bones produces juices is produced that helps the bones to move easily and it produces perfectly if people exercise. If salt excess it form Sodiumbicarbonate crystals and water gets deposited so legs get swollen.
  1. take more calcium (highest calcium food nuvulum sesame seeds 1 ball/day)
  2. reduce salt or eliminate completely
  3. exercise
  4. natural diet (fresh fruits veggies,raw foods,sprouted food)
  5. people with kheelanoppulu dont do walking or climbing or folding asanas
  6. drink lot of water 4-5 liters/day
  7. pain killer - nuvulu nune oil message and hot water cloth compress
Rheumatoid arthritis is the mondi arthritis and needs steroids
saindrolam substitute for salt will also not help relieve this pain.
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