If kidney problem doctors add 5 - 6 liters of water
everyone should drink 5 liters of water every day - reduces or softens and removes via urine excess calcium oxilates or
myth: tomato palak mixing
2 main causes: lack of water, calcium tablets use more
dont drink water during lunch or dinner or with food though, that effects digestion. It will not help kindneys.
dont drink water at one shot in 1 hour 3 liters of water, the face becomes bloated and faint
REMEDY: morning get up at 4 AM drink 1 liter water stools, 1 hour gap do yoga exercise put mind to stools etc, drink 1 liter water gain put mind and 2nd stools, drink till half hour before lunch, during lunch no water, 2 hours after digestion no water and then drink water till half hour before dinner, during dinner no water, 2 hours after digestion some water otherwise have to get up at night to go to bathroom.
1st half day drinking water helps kindneys. 2nd half day drinking water works with helps temp control the skin, hot sun, balance & help the inside organs cell function etc.

Instead of calcium medicines eat nuvulu, green leafy veggies, tamalapakulu has no side effects
some people have centimeter size stones - drink water but also go to doc to remove them.

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