beans that needs to be soaked
take 4 kinds of beans (persarlu, bobeerlu, chenagalu and wheat or ragulu etc)
  1. dry in the sun for a day or 2 days (so pestisides and chemicals get killed)
  2. First day early morning, (during brushing teeth) soak 4 kinds of beans in 4 bowls seperately soak for 15 or so hours
  3. first day night - scrub and wash 3 times the soaked beans(they bulg up to twice the size) and put it to dry on newspaper or paper towel. In cold climate dry overnigh or dry weather directly put in sack.
    If forgot at night beans soak for long and they smell
  4. second day morning during winter and rainy season(summer or dry climate first day night itself) put in cotton thick cloth and tie it tightly.
    the tighter we tie the more forcebly the roots come out.
    Put in the cloth for 24 hours for the roots to come out. There are 3 ways of doing.
    1)cotton cloth thick one tie tightly and put all 4 bags in a big steel container in dark for 24 hours. So you can see the roots come out forcebly through the bag. The bigger teh root the more nutrition it has.
    2)Steel box with holes. you can put the beans. Only disadvantage is that we need to wash constantly and put the beans back or they rott
    3)sprout maker
smell in the sprouts
if the water outside the soaked beans is not completely dried up, sprouts may smell .
It does have water or moisture inside it but does not require outside the bean
the more tightly we tie the sprouts the more faster more bigger the roots come out.
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