Pregnant and after delivary ladies
They need more nutrients than normal people. they need good nutrition with different kinds of sprouted beans
  1. sprouted
    • pesarlu,
    • alasandalu
    • chenagalu has vitamins micronutrients antioxidents etc
  2. coconut turumu 1 chakka
  3. soaked peanuts or pacchi peanuts
  4. almonds, pista, cashuews, walnuts soaked overnight so they are soft and easilty digested form and has double nutrients.
people who dont want to gain weight
they dont need fat and need more protein and energy
  • sprouted beans 3 or 4 kind
  • dont need peanuts or coconut or nuts
  • eat 10 or so kajur
Not eating food or reducing drastically only harms the body. Their body needs more proteins and nutrients in good form than fats or calories.
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