Cause - skipping stools
* Skipping stool causes heavy health problems. - Go to motion or stool regularly twice by drinking 2 liters of water twice in the morning. Complete this process in 1 1/2 hour for better result. Walk for few minutes by concentrating on stomach for stool after drinking water full of stomach. Don worry if you feel to vomit or if you vomit. Its common and free and complete motion twice in the morning is very important.
Cause - Harmonal imbalance
Poly-cystic ovary syndrome:
Caused by
This is caused due to hormone imbalance. Females obtain male character-sticks like mustaches, unwanted hair, irregular periods etc. Solution is to be balance hormones.

Many of women with similar case are over-weight and they are highly edict-ed to fast foods.

Causes - Eating Fast foods
* Eating Fast foods, Chocolates, Ice Creams, cool drinks, Non-veg items and fried foods and etc in more quantities or also may be in less quantities but these foods and drinks cause heavy hormone imbalance which may lead to Polycystic syndrome. - So avoid those items completely. * and also eat more natural food like fruits and vegetables. Eat 80% of raw food at-lest. Other 20% may contain boiled food. * Drink more fresh fruit juices. * Eat sprouts and more living foods which is healthy. * Eat more fiber food. (Leafy-vegetables, fruits and etc.) All vegetarian food contain fiber and all non-vegetarian foods contain zero fiber and harmful dead toxic wastes which may be harmful.
Cause - Less consumption of water
* Less consumption of water and skipping urine or stopping urine: This is the main mistake seen in more women causing many problems. - So drink more water periodically and consume 4-5 liters water per day and pass clear and white urine max.
Causes - Irregular sleeping habits
* Irregular timings of sleeping and not to give proper rest to body. - Sleep well for at-least 8 hours a day giving complete rest. I mean to sleep without food in stomach and the food should be digested before sleep. * Passing motion before sleep is very good habit and very useful. * may drink water before sleeping if necessary. * Eat 3-4 hours before you sleep. So the food is digested and the energy though the food will be used.
Pranayamam and Rest is important
* Daily practice Pranayama early in the morning and Yoga or any exercises though which you excrete sweat. The main purpose I am referring for yoga so that sweat is released and more impurities and wastes can be drained out quickly. Drink water and practice exercises so that sweat is released.

Remember that correction of all inputs and outputs to/from make your hormones balanced.

During rest body cleans it-self, repairs it-self. During repairing hormones are also balanced. So rest is very important.

what to do
If want to enjoy other foods try to avoid slowly and in rare cases once or twice in a month. But in any case remember that raw food you eat should be at-least 80% overall. That is by eating raw food followed by fast food in rare cases. Better to avoid completely.
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