Is acidity is more in men
whoever has physical work less acidity
men who have sitting computer job has acidity more
stress or emotional disturbance can cause acidity
if stress or sensitive personalities keep to themself and brooding about it without getting solution cause sleep disturbance then stress increases and effects stomack with irregular acid secretion. Stress relief medicines also can increase to some extent.
7 Ruchulu
  1. salt
  2. oil - nune
  3. ghee
  4. sweet
  5. pulupu
  6. karam
  7. masala
women say how can we cook without these above 7 ruchi. We can substitute with other ones so that people dont get Sugare or BP or heart problem and will not have any Knee problem etc
1 Karam
  • karam : red chillie powder, red chillies whole and green chilles
    out of these green chillies are good
    green chillies is easily digested than red chillies powder
    green chillies ghatu is only 40 or 50 % while red chillie has 100% ghatu
  • so use green chillies in food and avoid red chillies whole and powder and use only occationally
2 Pulupu
  • pulupu - tamarind
    we cannot use tamarind every day
    It is natural laxative
    It is used as charu so as to avoid constipation. So people drink it as it is not with rice to avoid constipation. If you use it everyday looses its medicinal value.
  • What happens if you use every day:
    1. stomach and intestines lining is effected. Acedophilus bacilus bacteria get washed out and resistance decreases and constipation increases
    2. If you use tamarind then you use more or double salt. More sodium is not good
  • so instead use
    1. green chintakaya
    2. chinta chiguru or
    3. pacchi mamidikaya
    4. tomato, or
    5. usiri or
    6. amla or
    7. vakkaya or
    8. lemon juice
  • ├é┬ásambar and rasam is cooked with tamarind everyday nowadays
  • 3 - sweet
    • sugar or bellam
      sugarcane juice is better than sugar or bellam as it is in the free digested form
      sugarcane is processed and binded and heated to form sugar that is white poison and body needs more energy to break the bonds etc.
      if people get sugar or rompa cold etc then they are reducing it
      sugar increase or irregular acid formation in stomach
    • kapham cold rompa asthma increases for some people
    • infections in tonsils, troat infection
    • has empty calories or direct glucose that increases sugar level in blood and increase insulin and overtime cause sugar disease or Diabetis
    • sugar has no nutrients
    • so instead use:
      1. honey instead of sugar
      2. Kajur instead of bellam
      3. sugarcane juice
      4. sugarcane whole
    4 - ghee
    • Body does not need ghee. Some people say that ghee is good and that old age will not come if you eat everyday that is not true
      body need fat but indirect fat not direct fat like ghee.
    • oil does not have cholesterol directly but goes into body and makes cholesterol while ghee has direct cholesterol
    • so instead use:
      1. thick milk
      2. thick curd
      3. thick meegada
    5 - Masalas
    • masalas are
      1. gira
      2. dhaniya
      3. ginger
      4. dalchini
      5. pasupu
      6. sonti
      7. miriyalu
      8. lavangalu
      9. avalu
  • people dont think that gira avalu are not masala but they are
    popu dabba was in oldern days medicine box
    • reduce cholesterol - garlic.
    • for cold used miriyalu
    • for akali - sonti
    • for gas trouble- alukaya
    • cholesterol - garlic
    people started liking the taste so started eating masalas every day. over time usage causes body to become irresistance to it and dont work
    If peoson eats garlic everyday then it wont work to reduce
  • masalas have medicinal values
  • so instead use
    1. urad dal or channal dal
    2. curry leaves
  • 6 oil and 7 salt - Cause more harm
    • oil and salt produce more harm than all other ruchulu.
    • oil and salt causes 80% disadvantage to body than all other 5 ruchulu that together cause 15 - 20% problem
    • Causes and remedy: will cover in other episodes
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