who should not eat sprouts
  • kidney problem should ask doc before eating
  • liver syrosis dont eat spouts
  • people who have gas trouble
  • people who are constipated go to stools once in 2 or 3 days. First get rid of constipation.
  • not hungry and indigestion(relif with fasting) then start eating sprouts
people who dont chew properly due to busy schedule. They swallow the hard seed. If teeth in mouth dont break them the stomach and intestines cannot digest.
2 gas problem
If bad sptouts, black etc are eaten produces gas in body
3 If big and small spouts mix and eat
if big and small beans are mixed while eating then small seeds like seseme seeds are not broken in mouth and digested in stomach and intestines
4 gas smell
gas and smell is not due to sprouts but it is due to constipation.
sprouts have protein in it so if person does not go to excrete the stools in the intestines has gas and they produce smell.
Remedy: avoid constipation via water or fiber etc
who should not eat sprouts
  1. kidney damaged people: blood urea level more or creatin level more.
  2. liver syrosis
  3. gas trouble with motions or constipation. First get rid of constipation then start eating sprouts
  4. people who do not feel hungry at all
  5. indigestion. First get it treated with fasting with water honey etc then start eating sprouts
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