Conclusion - Daily use fresh coconut and water
  • Is not good to drink coconut water and then eat fresh coconut right after drinking coconut wateras coconut water is in free digested form and directly enters the blood.
    while fresh coconut needs time to digestion
  • So if you drink coconut water dont drink juice right away and eat the coconut after half hour or so
Importance of Coconut in Indian Culture
  1. bride entering wedding hall has kobbari bondam in hand
  2. puja time we put in kalasham
  3. patients in hospital very week
  4. summer time drinking will cool body
pure water in 2 forms
  1. rain water
  2. coconut water is even more pure than rain water
what does coconut water have
coconut water has the same nutirents ratio as that of blood.
It is a pure saline water.
It is called oral saline.
Even if one puts coconut water directly in blood like saline water it is okay (during military war when soldiers got hurt and under emergency when there was no saline water, coconut water worked the same)
Nutrients in 250 ml or pav liter coconut water
One coconut can give about 250 to 500 ml (1/2 liter) water
strenght 44 cal
pure sugars glucose fructose 6.25
calcium 58
potassiym 600 mg
sodium 250 mg
body needs 250 mg of sodium per day so we dont need additional salt per day if you drink 1 glass of coconut
phosphorous 48 mg
megnesium 60 mg
selenium 2.4
iron .4 mg
zinc 0.24
vitamin c 5.8
folate 7 micog
thiamin 0.72
riboflavin 0. 13
niacin 0.192
The above three are B vitamins
fatty acids 0.42 g
People who definitely need coconut water
since sodium postassium ratio are perfect ratio as blood nutrients
  1. motions
  2. vomiting
  3. tired
  4. week
  5. hospital patients
  6. growing kids
  7. pregnant ladies
  8. after delivery ladies
Coconut water is better than tea and coffee
tea and coffee has caffeine that is not good for the body
coconut water is better than cold drinks
Cold drinks has bad stuff: colors preservatives calories caffeine chemicals
Nutrients in 100 grams of fresh coconut
strength 140 cal
total fat 3 grms
calcium 58
potassium 600 mg
sodium 50 mg
coconut water has 250 mg
carbohydrates 28 g
fiber 2
sugar 18
protein 2
Travel time
good food what to do:
drink 2 or 3 coconut waters and pack the fresh coconut and eat after 1/2 hour or so.
use fresh coconut and coconut water every day
daily using fresh coconut is good for health.
fresh coconut has no cholesterol
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