what does cold drink contain
If we store plain water in a bowl for few days as it builds germs.
cold drinks to be able to preserve, so germs dont build up companies add germs killing chemicals and perservatives.
cold drinks is not good for body
benzoic acid
coloring agents
to cover up the preservative smell add flavor
bicorbonates carbon di oxide
Turmeric, garlic, gira etc have medicinal properties
Turmeric antibiotic
garlic reduces cholesterol,br> gira has also medicinal value
but if taken every day they loose its properties and reduces bodys resistance and will not have any effect.
for good flavor use channa and urad dal
Bad foods to avoid
cold drinks
processed food
ice creams
We should be giving the body the nutrients it needs and ignore or not give the body bad food
Cold drinks have bad stuff
benzoic acid
artificial flavors
pesticides to kill germs
carbon monoxide gas

If water stays in a pot for 4 or 5 days it buiilds germs, so cold dirnks has lot of bad stuff added to that is not good for body

5 ruchulu to avoid:

  • karam
  • pulupu
  • sweet
  • ghee
  • masala
oil and salt also are bad and cause 80% bad while above 5 ruchulu cause 20% bad to body.

Eating bad causes the body to
nutritional difficiency
harmonal imbalance
diabetis etc

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