7 Ruchulu
  1. salt
  2. oil - nune
  3. ghee
  4. sweet
  5. pulupu
  6. karam
  7. masala
Reduce salt
  • doctors when patients get cronic diseases ( kidney fail, heart damage and pumping, liver damage) they tell to completely eliminate salt
  • MSR says to reduce salt even before getting these diseases
  • some people say they have low BP and if no salt then BP will be even low. MSR says our body need salt but less about 5 grams etc and give body that much only and not more. natural raw food have enough salt that is enough to the body
eating for tongue or for body
we are eating for the ruchi for tounge and not for the body.
salt or sodium is available in all foods automatically
  • Body does not need a whole lot of salt and is available in right amount in foods.
  • we dont need to add extra salt for dood
  • karam is in green chillies, miriyalu. beerakaya green leaves beerakaya dont have karam
  • sweet is also available in only fee food
  • pulupu is only in some lemon etc
  • oil is available natural form in only certain seeds only
  • green chillies, oil, mamidikaya, mango etc have salt. Not all have certain ruchi like pulupu, sweet oil etc but every food has salt or sodium
Small amount of salt (direct form in food) is needed and enough
Every food item has salt since sodium is important and need for the body in some amount
but we are eating additional that is not good
animals dont touch or add salt to its food
elephant has a huge body but does not take any salt at all
food it eats have enough sodium or salt
why people are adding salt
Cooked food is bland to give some taste adding salt.
Why in people in oldern days have less salt problem
very long ago they ate only Maggia annam and no fruits and veggies etc so they had low BP problem.
if we eat raw and variety of food we get enough salt that body needs
so that is why some people are saying that without salt how can we live etc etc
salt is needed for functions like
  1. balance BP
  2. water balance
  3. stomach acid juices
  4. food to go into cells
  5. convert food to energy
  6. for brain cells to function properly
If you eat only ginjalu or maggiganam only everyday without eating fruits and veggies and green leafy veggies then they need additional salt
Heating does not reduce salt.
  • heat does not kill or reduce sodium
  • potassium is reduced if you cook food
  • there is a sodium potassium balance and now nowadays with cooking Na - K balance is getting effected. Potassium is getting reduced and sodium remains and then we are additing additional salt or sodium to cooked food.
  • sea salt water even with heat, water evaporates but salt remains on the ground it is not evaporated or reduced
some foods and their salt content
totakura 2 handfulls or palakura 2 handfulls if you eat has enough salt needed per day
4 or 5 tomatoes have 80 100 milligram of 80 90 salt
battai 1 glass has 100 milligrams of salt
milk also have some salt
sweat from body has salt
Additional salt is removed from body via urine or sweat so drinking water and going to bathroom is good and exercise and sweat is good or sauna is also good
How much does body need salt per day
very very less that is about 5 or 6 grams per day
Hard labors who sweat also dont need additional salt
Keep salt away
indian culture say salt as shani or bad and say not to give it from person to person or hand to hand
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