Kinds of oils from past to present in the order
  1. amudam
  2. nuvulu
  3. ava
  4. peanut oil
  5. sunflower oil
  6. rice bran oil
  7. soya oil
  8. fish oil
  9. olive oil
which oil is good - NONE
If is like asking what stone is good for braking teeth. All sotnes are bad
sunflower oil
Initially people thought sunflower oil is good so started not using but pouring it
news that sunflower oil is causing heart problems - cardiologists proved it.
Fats - Visible and non visible fats
Body does not need even 1 gram of direct fat.
body needs fat 20 - 25 grams per day for adult and indirect fat is fine
Kids 30 grams
pregnant 40 grms
Fats are available in two forms visible fat and non visible fat
  1. non visible: peanuts, coconut, rice (rice bran has oil), sojjalu jonnalu
  2. visible fat: oil and ghee
fresh peanuts vs peanut oil
peanuts soaked and eaten are good - doubles or increases nutrients
If you fry them or cook them and take oil it is not good
To get 1 spoon of oil we need lot of peanuts or nuvulu or seseme seeds to get it.
Indirect fat is good for the body
Non visible or indirect fat from raw fresh peanuts or coconut etc are good source
it is not true that fresh coconut and peanuts have bad fat
Coconut and fresh soft peanuts have good nutrients and have non visible easily digestible fats and not cholesterol.
India is No 1 in heart problems
because using lot of oil in the food
Problems with eating lot of oils
  • digestive problems, puri takes lot of time to digest because it is fried in oil. person feels drowzy and sleepy after eating it.
  • liver takes long to digest. If you mix oil and water. We are eating lot of oil that goes into blood. The body has to break and work longer to go into blood and stores in liver and becomes fatty liver, liver hardens, enlarged liver, liver syrosis, vomiting and jaundice. If a person gets jaundice the doc tells them to not use oil months after it.
  • liver produce excess cholesterol (any oil you eat gets converted). Doc say boiled veggies so no strain on body
  • gall bladder stones . No matter what age the person is the more oil he/she eats the quicker the diseases
  • <
No cholesterol limited amount has good fats that is good for body.
  • non stick pans are available so you dont need oil, electric tandoori or oven baked etc
  • dont use peanut oil, fry peanuts and powder and use in foods
  • coconut use as much as you want. coconut milk fresh is also good in cooked foods
  • nuvulu pd (fry and make powder)
  • cashews pd
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