Bleeding gums
Blood flows through the gums of the teeth while
  • during brushing
  • when touched or poked
  • vit c deficiency
  • if brush is not good and have been using for long time
  • liver problem people vit k is not produce so also they bleed. they have to contact doctor
  • change brush often
  • take vit c (if cook food eat lot it has low vit c
  • lemon juice during food eat 2 every day instead of salt. If you take it directly it might hurt the teeth gums, so add it to food so its acidity dont touch the teeth. LIt is a myth that lemon juice is not good
  • other sour juices: orange, narinja, kamala other fruits also has vit c
  • amla is very good source of vit c
  • for liver disorder people contact doctor
vit c helps intestines absorb iron
  • food has iron, only if we eat vit c then intestines take in iron with the help of vitamin c.
    If iron is good they have good blood
  • vitamin c helps in improving resistance to the body
maggiga add lemon juice instead of salt
cooking reduces or distroys vit c
since cooking food distroys vit c add lemon juice on food.
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