men has 5 liters blood and women have 4 1/2 liters of blood in the body.
blood is created by the food that we eat
only body converts food to blood and we cannot make blood so that is why we have blood banks to donate blood.
even excretory organs(skin, stools, kidneys, urin) perform the task via blood only.
blood is a vehical to travel materials through out the body
some people drink tonic , fruit juices honey etc.They dont really clean the bloodThey might help in creating blood but it does not clean the blood
Only Air and Water cleans blood
  • pranayamam helps cell perform its task
  • drink lot of water in proper way 4 or 5 liters of water
  • eat lot of veggies and fruits, dry fruits, eat a lot of raw food.
  • 25 % of food fruits and veggies
  • sprouted wheat grass juice is also very good
men has 5 liters and women has 4 1/2 liters of blood in the body
blood transports impurities to 4 excretory organs co2,urine, stools, sweat
impurites in blood, fats, toxins, in blood are not cleaned by food(juices, honey, kajur etc). They make or create blood.
Blood is cleaned by only air and water
REMEDY: pranayamam, drink lot of water, eat raw foods veggies and fruits.
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