No, Iodine is not only present in salt. It is present in other foods like
Iodine dificiency cause Thyroid problem
iodine difficiency causes thyroid problem. if people who eat only maggiganam without veggies or fruits they have less iodine and thyroid problem.

Thyroid problem is not due to only iodine problem only. It could be due to lot of other reasons

Thyroid needs only microunits of iodine that is present in all veggies and raw foods in nature
Unless you eat only maggiganam then you dont need iodized salt
what foods dont have iodine
Special hill side living people who use only hill food. Hill food dont have iodine.
If we live in hyderabad all the foods we get are from different souces and contain iodine.
We dont need additional iodine in our diet
natural raw foods have natural iodine that is enough for body. We dont need to add iodized salt additionally
58 Uppu thinakapothe sodium andadu kada
Na or sodium is needed in very small quantity for body. We dont need additional salt or Nacl (sodium chloride).

Except rain water every other food has sodium in right quantity Just like mother milk has all nutrients in right quantity need for the infant or baby

totakura or glass of milk or spinach or tomato or veg juice all have some sodium or salt in it.

salt is white poison
we dont need any salt or saindrava lavanam etc
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