Cell and cell mechanism/Function and Rakhakadalalu

Body has lot of cores of cell with cell mechanism.  cells combine to form tissues, organ and body.

cell take air water and food and produce energy for the body.

If germs - bacteria,virus from air water and food enter the body and reproduce and expand in the body and get infection. Virus are much much smaller than bacteria and cannot be seen through a microscope.

Cell Function: Cell has to identify these germs (like company employees who work regularly) and cells antibodies fight and kill them. Nutrophills in White Blood cells does this job.  


Diabetis Type 1

If for some reason cell does not perform its function to identify and kill external germs. Bodys own antibiodies are overactive for some reason and killl its own cells.

This is auto immune diseases like sugar disease in children 

  • Diabetis Type 1(this is not heriditary), beta cells (insulin producing cells) are damaged by its own body.They need to take insulin for rest of the life.

Example: Militry or police has to protect people against thieves or bad people if they turn bad. Indra gandhis own guard killed her.

Type 2 diabetis is heriditary or daily activitie food habits etc

Example: men and women marry and then live happy for some years and after some years mens thinking changes goes after another women and tries to kill etc 

RA - Rheumatis Arthritis


  • RA - Rhumatitis Arthritis (no cure in medical history) only temporary relief. Caused. Joint cells gets damaged and gets infection. 
  • SLE

What is the cause is not known. Hyperactivity is the cause but not known.


Auto Immune Diseases
  • AIDS: AIDS is caused by AIDS virus by sexual contacts, needles blood transfusion. This virus directly attacts the Rakshaka dalalu (bodys defence - white blood cells). Virus holds WBC and then kills them and expands itself and grow in coreres and then over the years bodys resistance become week and body is prone to diseases and slowly diseases crop up. 

Example: Police protect people but if they are put in jain by the bad people then society is prone to bad environment.

Anyone who has AIDS virus, then give good or easy foods, take care to not spread the virus. 

  • Health is important so have a healthy life style
  • dont take medicines that we dont need
  • build good resistance 
  • put some time to think about body
  • avoid: avakaya, puris, samosas, meast, cakes, soft drinks that reduce our bodies resistance power
  • example: Pig goes to the place where there is a wet damp bad environment and avoids clean pond or environment. Similary if the body has bad enviromnet inside it invites the bad germs


animals in contaminated enviromment are healthy then people, why

How come animals who dont live in good environment, dont brush teeth, eat contaminated food,  contaminated water, dont shower, dont wash after excretion are not getting any diseases and People who follow all these are yet falling sick. 

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