Our main source of energy is Glucose or sugar.

food we eat is converted to juice or glucose. To digest food the stomach and digestive organs produces different juices or enzymes to digest.

To digest proteins pancreas gland produces pancreatic juice that helps digest proteins.

Based on how much a person eats insulin is produced by the beta cells in the pancreas

Insulin  is produced by beta cells in the pancreas. Alpha cells produces pancreatic juice.

beta cells produces insulin based on how much a person eats. If you eat less less insulin is needed. More food is taken like sweats carbs etc then more insulin is produced.

If a person diets less insulin is produced

Pancreatic juice and insulin is produced in pancreas and pass through pancreatic duct and then go into small intestines. In the small intestines mixes with the glucose and travel into the blood through the rest of the body.

How does insulin control sugar level

How does insulin control sugar level

  • Insulin works as a key to help glucose sugar to go into the cells for cell functions
  • If more sugar left in blood (stays because if person does not work or exercise, so cells dont need to produce more energy) is converted to fat cells and stores in blood

Insulin is need to convert glucose to energy and if more glucose to convert to fat cells

Body needs 40 units per day for healthy person


Body needs 40 units ( like small spoon) per day is healthy.

If people eat more sweats then sugar level is more in the blood so pancrease produces more insulin 50 - 80 units to normalise the sugar level in blood. 

If body does not produces insulin and blood sugar rises then it is not good.



Pancreas is shaped like a dogs tongue near or back of the stomach. It produces 2 juices

  • pancratic juice
  • Insulin or madhura rasam
Important: Insulin is need for two functions

Insulin is need to convert glucose to energy and if more glucose in blood (as person is inactive without exercise etc) to convert to fat cells thus maintain blood sugar level.

cell, cell function, cell membrane, receptors and key-insulin

body has crores of cells. Cell has cell membrane and inside has center nucleus(has gene information), ribosomes, mitochondria (converts glucose to energy), lisosomes, golgi etc.

food converted to glucose enters blood and should enter cell via the membrane.

For sugar to enter the cells the cell membrane have doors or receptors. The key is insulin. Insulin is needed for the receptors to open and glucose to go into the cell to perform cell function of producing energy.

Glucose and Insulin in blood

Blood has glucose and insulin. Insulin acts as key and opens the doors(receptors) and helps glucose to go into the cell.

If sugar remain in the blood for any reason then the disease sugar or diabetis.

Insulin in people

Normal units needed for healthy person eating 3 times a day is 40 units.

If people eat more pancrease produces about 50 - 80 units per day

For pregnant women need insulin twice as the fetus also needs insulin.


For some people the insulin is reducing, why because: For normal people they are eating good nutrition food so the body gets the right protein so it produces right amount of insulin.

Puri dosa baggi samosa cutlet rice etc does not produce insulin.

every 10 seconds a person is becoming diabetic.

why overtime insulin is not producing enough in body


we need 2 cups water for 1 cup rice to cook. If you put 1 cup water to 1 cup of rice, rice does not get cooked well. 

Similary if less protein is taken less insulin is produced.


  • less protein
  • mental tensions or stess
Eating less Protein



  1. people eating non nutritious food. Not getting enough proteins, so gland are not producing enough harmones

women have eggs but not releasing them, men dont function properly , thyroid harmones reduces, pancrease dont produce enough insulin. 

Insulin harmones are protein in nature. Insulin is produced by protein food. 

mental tensions or stress

If body is balanced produces good harmones. If body is stress it does not produce harmones. 



Gestational diabetis

pregnant ladies are also getting diabetis because of less insulin.


what to do to not get diabetis or produce more insulin


  • good food to eat is sprouted beans that has lots of proteins
  • eat lots of fruits of different variety
  • eat 50% natural foods

Insulin is also called madhura rasam and is one of the important harmone that body needs

body needs very less poison to kill the body and likewise it needs a small spoon of insulin to maintain body functions. 

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