Sugar is inherited disease

Sugar is the genes or foundation so if it is in the genes then no matter what they get sugar or diabetis.

Grandparents during wedding look at all the generations and get married as they look at the genes. 



If parents 40 - 45 years both are diabetic then kids of age 25 or so has 80-90% chance of getting diabetic

If one of the parent is diabetic or has sugar then kids of 25 years or so then there is 20 - 25% chance of getting sugar


example - seeds are small and compacted with inherited charactaristics

seed is small but it has the charactaristics of a big tree. if you cut or see through microscope you cannot see the tree but it has the characteristic to grow to a big tree.

seeds have inherited charactaristics and marrichattu seed grow to only marrichattu. The written code of the seed will grow only into it no matter what.

womens ova and mens sperm unite to form egg cell then divide to 125 trillions cells. The egg cell has mothers and fathers stamp. all the characteristics color, hight, mouth nose, hair, which disease to get, health is all determined by it in one single cell.


Research and then select the partner and dont go by looks 

Inherited money can be taken away by anyone but inherited diseases remain and cannot be gone

M has mucus problem and if eat sweats and cold stuff gets more mucus that is inherited and cannot help it. By good nutrition and good habits reduce mucus but cannot eliminate it as it is in the genes.

People when buying veggies choose and check and buy then we should also think and see the genes and select and have kids. 

Inherited characters - genes

what ever is written in the seeds is destined to happen.

Example: architect draws a blue print. What ever the blue print is, the same is constructed

similary what ever is in our genes or genu control or characters what a person can have. MSR is 5.5 feets and wants to grow couple of more inches but cannot grow tall as the seed that he has inherited characteristics that cannot change.

Color that people have is determined by mom and dad and some from grandparents and sometimes menatta mena mamas genes etc

pregnant women thinks or have fair child so eats Kunkumpuvvu. But the childs coloris already determined by the genes in the cell or seed. Some people has curly hair that is again determined by the genes.

Genes are very powerful


For some people when hair fall when get diseases are all determined in the genes or seeds.

Some are moms dupllicate some are dads duplicate, sometimes women is fair but mouth and nose is not good, husband is dark but good nose and mouth. They think they want wifes color and husbands facecut. It cannot be determined. 
For some menatta or menamama or for some great grand parents stamp etc

Genes is so powerful. What ever is written in the genes comes out.

For some people bad habits are putting foundation to diseases their seeds has inherited characters.

So our grandparents when get kids married they look at whole family history, instead of just face looks.  

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