bones are created when fetus in the womb they are soft with calcium phosphate and over time becomes strong

if around 30 years do bone density test to see the bones are prone to break


known facts
  • known fact that after 40 or 50 years of bones becomes brittle
  • there are 206 bones in the body
  • bones are like pillars to the building
  • if pillars are not strong then building can collapse
  • contractor has to do correct ratio of cement and sand similarly body also needs right amount of  
  • calcium
  • phosphorus
  • megnesium
  • sodium
  • potassium
  • selenium
  • sulphur
  • chromium
  • iron
  • zinc
  • silicon
  • lead
  • uranium
  • stronium
Main Idea

Bones in the body skeleton











bones, bone density and bone marrow
  • baby bones are small and soft has lot of cartilage or soft 
  • as the bany ages the muscles build and bones become strong
  • bones have nerves that carry blood
  • if you cut bones they have bone marrow that manufactures white blood and red blood cells
  • if you cut bone it has first hard dense bones of protein (this determines bone density) then inside paret has bone marrow that produces cells
  • if a bone when cut has less outer layer then its density is less


normal vs damaged bones

If calcium reduces then bones becomes brittle or damaged causing osteoporosis


what causes bones to become brittle

400 or 500 mg of calcium needed daily for adult

if for some reason womens ovary is removed or uterus removed, estrogen harmones reduces

after menopause estrogen becomes less and bones become brittle

harmone imbalance hyper thyroidism 

cartico steroids



what to do to improve bone density
  • 400 mg calcium needed kids need 600 mg and pregnant need 800 mg of calcium
  • not only calcium, phonsphorus and megnesium
  • if you sit and eat all these still it is not enough and we need vit D that is sunshine
  • If vit D insufficient, then calcium is not absorbed


calcium rich foods
  • milk: small glass has 120 gm of calcium
  • green leafy veggies: 100 grams of totakoora, gongura, munagaku  has abt 400 - 500 mg of calcium
  • seseme seeds: 30 grams of nuvulu has 430 gram of calcium. That is the reason indian traditions has when women starts mensuration as a custom has nuvvulunda in the celebration
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