Formal Amendment Process
Makes Constitution more egalitarian and democratic
REQUIRES 2/3s vote in both houses of Congress
National Convention can propose if requested by 2/3s of the states
Vote must be 3/4s of the states
Informal Amendment Process
Not explicitly stated in the Constitution. Ex. two-party system, legalizing abortions, taxes and scope of government
Judicial Interpretation
Marbury v Madison: Judicial review (from implied powers in constitution)
Also interprets what the Constitution means.
Changing Political Practice
The two party system. Nothing in the Constitution prohibits an elector from voting for any candidates.
Questioning governmental policies, supporting candidates, helping shape citizens' opinions. Changed the way we elect officials.
Increasing Demands on Policymakers
Increased demands for new policies.
Significance of Presidency
Increased due to changing political practice, technology, and largely important international affairs. Also wars increased significance.
Importance of Flexibility
Allows the government to adapt to the needs of the times without sacrificing personal freedom.
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