Federalism and Democracy
Decentralizing the political system - more opportunities for participation, increasing access to govt.
State advantages
-Allows for a concentrated interest in state, promotion of interest
-Even if party lost in national level, can develop at state level.
-Can take initiatives when fed govt acts contrary to the veiws of the people w/in states
Drawbacks on relying on states
-States differ in resources, quality differs.
-Diversity in policy discourages states from providing services otherwise available
-Negative effect on democracy as local interesets able to thward national majority
-Sheer # of govts can be burden
Industrialization of economy
New problems arose and with them came new demands for governmental action. Needed to restrain monopolies.
Scope of the National Government
Additional Demands on the National Government
Farmers sought services (research)
Unions wanted govt to protect their rights
Problems in housing, welfare, the environment, and transportation arose
Why not states?
They lacked authority/resources of the nat'l govt.
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