Precious Metals

US Treasuries

Treasury yields move inversely with treasury bond prices; and are near all time lows.

Media Reports
Usually media reports are contrary indicators. Justifications such as "this time is different " show up in the media.
Greater Fool Mentality
If an asset is purchased only because it can be sold at a higher price, then the asset is likely to be in a bubble.
Lack of Intrinsic Value
Is there a measurable intrinsic value for the asset. Can you calculate Net Present Value based on expected future cash flows from the asset if you never sell it? If you cannot calculate NPV, the asset is really not an asset.

Signs of a Financial Bubble

Parabolic Ascent
Asset prices that defy gravity and run up as if there is no tomorrow may indicate a bubble.
Sovereign Debt
US Treasury Yield Long Term Trend
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