The Budgetary Process

Fought over contending interests, ideologies, programs, and agencies - use stakes and strategies to achieve goals
The President's Budget
Agencies submit their budgets, OMB assesses budget and conveys President's decisions to agencies, reviews estimates, then budget is determined and submitted to Congress.
Authorizes all federal appropriations
Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act
Established a fixed budget calender, a budget committee in each house, and the CBO.
How laws are changed to meet budget resolution
1. Budget reconciliation: program authroizations revised to achieve required savings.
2. Authorization bill: establishes, continues, or changes a govt program. Requires an additional appropriations bill to fund these programs.
Gramm-Rudman-Hollings Act
Mandated maximum allowable deficit levels, and if Congress failed to meet the deficit goals, automatic across-the board spending cuts were to be ordered by President.
Evaluation of Reforms
Often, Congress failed to meet its own budgetary timetable, and Presidents have submitted budget proposals containing large deficits.
When divided, Congress has resorted to continuing resolutions
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