Home Mortgage Risk
Adjustable Rate Mortgages are subject to interest rate risk. Rates move inversely with US treasury prices.

Risk: Treasuries go down
Heating & Cooling Costs
Natural gas and electricity costs.
Transportation Costs
Automobile expenses and travel expenses.
Food Costs
Grains, dairy, and meat costs.
Loss of Employment Risk
Avoid putting all your eggs in one basket. Don't invest heavily in the same company that you work for.

Risk: Your employer's company or industry doesn't do well.
Currency Devaluation Risk
If central banks print money, currency (e.g., USD) loses purchasing power.

Risk: USD value goes down and inflation shoots up.
Sell TLT
Sell TLT or buy TLT put options
Profit: Treasuries go down
Buy TBT or sell TBT put options.
Profit: Treasuries go down
Sell Employer's Stock
Sell stock or buy put options of your employer's stock.

Profits if your employer's company doesn't do well.
Sell Industry ETF
Sell or buy put options on the ETF covering your employer's industry.

Profits if your employer's industry takes a down turn.
Buy Gold (GLD)
Buy shares or sell put options on gold ETF. Gold is viewed as an alternative to paper money. If there is more paper money, gold prices will go up.
Profits if USD value goes down
Buy shares or sell put options on gold miners ETF.
Profit if USD value goes down. However, it is not as pure play as GLD as GDX has stock market risk.
College Education Costs
College tuition fees have been going up much more than inflation.

Risk: You will not be able to afford college tuition fees for your children because of fee inflation.
Health Care Costs
Health care costs have going up more than general inflation. Risk: Health insurance premiums go up.
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