Vitamin D Deficiency

Osteomalacia may show signs as diffuse body pains, muscle weakness, and fragility of the bones.

(e.g. Vitamin D) Deficiency

  • Need 4000 IU of vit D from all sources
  • 2000 IU of vit D supplement will raise 25(OH)D by about 35 nMoles/L
  • vit D3 is better than vit D2
  • No taxicity below 30,000 IU of vit D intake per day
  • Types of diseases
  • Due to external causes
  • Due to nutrient deficiency
  • Index Mechanism
    Mal-absorption of Calcium & Phosphrous
    Non-index Mechanism
    Genomic signaling?
    Short Latency Disease
    Rickets & Osteomalalica (100 iu per day is sufficient to prevent rickets)
    Long Latency Disease
    Short Latency Disease
    Falls, immune disorders
    Long Latency Disease
    Cancer, diabetes
    Nutritional Labels
    Nutritional labels on foods report minimum required daily amounts to prevent the short latency type diseases; and not necessarily the long latency type diseases and optimal amounts for healthy living.
    The Preventative Maintenance Model
  • All tissues need all nutrients
  • Shortages impair the functioning of all body systems
  • Organism will work perfectly well without maintenance - for a while ...
  • Premature organ/system wearing out, as a consequence of nutrient deficiency, will vary from person to person, depending on variable genetic composition; and
  • therefore, expression of nutrient deficiency will usually be pluriform (not just short latency diseases)
  • Assessment/Test
  • Serum total 25(OH)D - 25 hydroxyD is the functional indicator for vit D status
  • 80 nano Moles/Liter (or 32 nano grams/mL) will be sufficient for maximum absorption of Calcium
  • Higher levels of 25(OH)D do not increase calcium uptake
  • 25(OH)D Levels:
    25 or lower -- deficiency
    25 to 80 -- insufficiency
    80 to 150 -- normal
  • Body Adaptation
    If vit D is insufficient, body increases serum iPTH (parathyroid hormone) to increase uptake of calcium for a given serum 25(OH)D
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