The White House Staff
Directly advises the president on a daily basis
  • Keeps Presidents schedule, chef, travel arragements, support services
  • Presidential Power
  • George Washington: set precedent in everything he did; from est. working relationship w Congress, to staying neutral in foreign affairs.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: square deal, and his trust busting. Latin American policy of speak softly, but carry a big stick
  • Woodrow Wilson: WW1
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt: New Deal policies, WW2, most influential in 20th century
  • John F. Kennedy: New Frontier, strengthened the instutition
  • Lyndon Johnson: Great Society, Vietnam War
  • Richard Nixon: foreign policy (Vietnam War), detente w/ Soviet Union
  • Reagan/George H.W. Bush: catalysts in ending Cold War.
  • Clinton: balanced budget
  • George W. Bush: 9/11
  • The Executive Office of the President
    4 major policy making bodies:
  • National Security Council: national and international security
  • Council of Economic Advisors: help prepare the annual Economic Report to Congress
  • Office of Management and Budget: preparation of massive federal budget, can make budget recommendations
  • Office of National Drug Control Policy: prepare recommendations on how to combat problem of drug abuse
  • Cabinet
  • Need senate confirmation
  • Agencies -- created bc those national issues are high on national agenda
  • President
    Chief legislator, head of party, chief of state, chief diplomat
    War Powers Act
  • Once troop sare sent, the president is required to keep Congress informed
  • Must stop commitment of troops after 60 days.
  • Current President
    War Powers Act Today
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