Frequently Asked Questions
Applying Science to Human Behavior
1. Can Laboratory Experiments Illuminate Everyday Life?
How does Psychology relate to our everyday lives?
Experiments try to recreate the environment to be as close to the real life situations, and have similar basic underlying principles.
2. Does Behavior Depend on One's Culture?
Our culture does play a role in shaping who we are, but we also have a shared biological heritage in a universal family.
3. Does Behavior Vary with Gender?
Because of our gender differences, do we act differently?
Psychologically and biologically men and women are overwhelmingly similar, but gender does influence people.
4. Why Do Psychologists Study Animals?
1. Because they find animals fascinating
2. To see how other species behave to the same stimuli
3. To learn more about people (Like human disease research)
4. They are easier to study
5. Is It Ethical to Experiment on Animals?
Animal Protection Agencies are moving against animal experimentation.
The APA created some regulations such as: Informed Consent, Protection from harm and discomfort, Confidentiality, and Explanation after research.
6. Is Psychology Free of Value Judgments?
Our preconceptions can bias our observations and interpretations
7. Is Psychology Potentially Dangerous?
Knowledge can be used for good and evil; Psychology enlightens but also has the power to deceive
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