These drugs interfere with Seratonin in the Brain
Drugs interfere with dopamine
This drug interferes with GABA
Binds to Seratonin receptors on Post synaptic neurons. Mimics seratonin. Can excite or inhibit the recieving neuron. Complex Sensory effects because there are different neurons that take seratonin for diff functions
Mimics seratonin and binds to Seratonin-Transporters(meant to bring seratonin into presynaptic neruon). Changes shape of the transporter - begins to reverse its functions and spits seratonin back out. Seratonin is trapped in the synaptic cleft Effects: Mood, sleep, perception, appetite
Ihibitory NTS (INH) naturally inhibits release of Dopamine. A Natural Opiate inhibits the INHIBITOR Heroine mimics Natural Opiate Excess Dopamine released Effect: Pain Relief
INH NTS inhibits release of Dopamine Annabanoid binds to Cannabanoid to Inhibit the INHIBITOR (allowing dopamine to be released) - Normal THC = Main chemical in Marijuana - Mimics Annabanoid and binds to Cannabanoid receptor. Lasts longer in system than Annab. Causes excess dopamine to be released Effect: "high"
Cocaine blocks Dopamine-Transporters. Dopamine trapped in Synaptic Cleft. Effect: Voluntary muscle movements (fidgety) & effects reward center
Binds to Transporter, enters Pre Synaptic Neuron, Intrudes Vesicles containing Dopamine. Transporters spit excess dopamine out into cleft. Excess Dopamine trapped in cleft - overstimulates cell. Effect: Effect reward center - intense pleasure and exhilleration
BLocks GABA reuptake - GABA trapped in cleft = MORE INHIBITORY Binds to Glutamate receptors - Glutamate can't get through = LESS EXCITATORY "Double Sedative Punch"
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