Transduction = the process by which our sensory systems convert stimulus energy into neural messages.
Light Energy
Wavelength Determines Hue
The Eye
Light Enter through cornea
protects eye and bends the light to focus
Pass through the Pupil
size of which is regulated by the IRIS(dilates and constricts in response to light intensity)
Lens focuses image
Through process called Accommodation
Light focuses on Retina
Upside Down Images
not read by retina as a whole, converted to a neural impulse, sent to the brain, then constructed into an upright image.
Sharpness of vision - affected by distortions of the shape of the eye.
mishapen eyeball focuses the light rays of distant objects in FRONT of the retina. (glasses/contacts/lasik reshape the cornea)
the light rays of near objects reach the retina before they've produced a focused image.
The Retina
Eye receptor cells (rods and cones) produce chemical changes to generate neural signals.
- Color
- Enable Black and White vision
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