Adding a rewarding stimulus or removing an aversive stimulus to strengthen a behavior
Positive Reinforcement
ADD a REWARDING stimulus to strengthen behavior
Tangible reward - candy, hug, trip to park
Intangible reward - verbal - praise or compliment
presentation of award by authority
Principles of Reinforcement
when the presentation of reward is made from without source of reward.
Presentation or reward in context of daily life - may or may not be from authority figure
Primary Reinforcer
Reinforcer that attends to biological needs
Conditioned Reinforcer
Secondary needs
Immediate Gratification
think of immediate effect - take small gains in the present rather than bigger gains in the future
Delayed Reinforcer
Recognize that immediate feefback is not good enough, so you wait for the longterm reward. Shows maturity and social competence
Negative Reinforcement
REMOVING an AVERSIVE stimulus to strengthen behavior
Schedules of Reinforcement
Continuous Reinforcement
Behavior is reinforced every time
Partial/Incomplete Reinforcement
Behavior is reinforced after a set or variable ratio or after certain period of times.
Fixed Ratio
Reinforced after a certain number of behaviors.
Variable Ratio
reinforced after random number of behaviors
Fixed Interval
Reinforced after set amount of time
Variable Interval
Reinforced after unpredictable time intervals
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