Life was good
"Were freer, more equal, more prosperous, and less burdened... thank any other part of mankind"
French and Indian War: Taxes
Colonists lacked direct representation in parliament, were taxed. Colonists protested, escalating conflict
First Continental Congress
To discuss the future of relations with Britain
Declaration of Independence
Was a polemic argument against Britain to look for foreign assistance (France)
The Second Treatise
Natural rights - rights inherent in human beings, not dependent on governments. Only innate moral sense.
Gvt must be built on the consent of the governed(people agree on rulers) and limited gvt(clear restrictions) and sole purpose of gvt was to protect natural rights. In extreme case, ppl have right to revolt.
English Countryside
Already a well est opposition to the executive power of the Crown and support for recovering the rights of the people
The Conservative Revolution
The war was a conservative movement; did not drastically alter the coloniss' way of life. No need for great social, econmic, or political change.
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