The Light
Electromagnetic radiant energy (whole spectrum)
Visible Light
Different wavelengths represent different colors
Light Stimulus
Any light stimulus characterized by the following:
* They are all independent or orthogonal to each other* 
CIE Wave Diagram
  • The dominant wavelength
  • Used like "color" in everyday conversation
  • Wavelength Percentage
  • Mix colors to  make other colors
  • Light intensity
  • The amount of luminance that the color has, determined by amplitude
Primary Colors
  • Depends on the colors you mix. 
Subtractive Process
  • Mixing colors/paint
  • Putting one color on another you remove the affect of the first color
  • Red/Yellow/Blue
Additive Process
  • Adding lights
  • Use Red/Green/Blue
Features of CIE
  • Border - same as visual spectrum
  • All points on the curve are called pure/spectral colors, all points on the straight line are called pure non-spectral colors (purples)
  • Saturated colors are in the middle of the enclosure
  • The amount of gray or white achromatic light is the third dimension ont he diagram 
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