2.3 Vision: Eye Protection
Damage to Parts of the Eye
Measure of visual fatigue - near point of accommodation 
- point where the image changes from a single image to a double image as you bring it closer to your eyes
Front of Eye
Cornea, sclera
Middle of Eye
Back of Eyes
UV Rays
  • Very harmful to the cornea
  • UV is the MOST harmful to the eyes
  • causes little wounds
Chemical Substances
acids, alkalis, solvents - cornea can't buffer these substances very well
InfraRed Radation
IR radiation between 800 and 1400 nm can cause cataracts
Visible Optical Radiation
450 nm is most harmful
Bad eyes vs. Bad works
  • Bad eyes - there is something wrong with your eyes - can be corrected with glasses
  • Bad work - work that may strain the eyes, long hours at monotonous jobs, or poor work postures or positions
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