Design Guidelines
Strong, undesirable light, leads to eye discomfort
Direct Glare
Goes into your eyes directly from the light soure
Indirect Glare
Caused by reflective light.
Direct Glare Control Guidelines
  • Position luminaires as far from operators line of sight as possible
  • Use several low intensity lights
  • Use indirect lighting
  • Use light shields hoods and visors
Indirect Glare Control Guidelines
  • Avoid using indirect glare zone
  • Use luminaires with diffusing or polorizing lenses
  • Use surfaces that diffuse light
  • Change angle of worker
  • Have operator sit with back to a dark colored wall
  • Avoid placing clocks and other reflective items in the area
  • Tilt the screen up and down or move slightly to the left or right
To Reduce Reflected Glare at VDU Workplaces
  • Lower the ambient lighting
  • Have operator sit with back toward dark colored wall
  • Paint walls with dark colors
  • Avoid placing shiny things where reflections can cause glare
  • Tilt Screen Downward
To reduce Window Light Glare
  • Cover Windows
  • Add awnings/tents
  • Install VDU at right angles to windows
How to Reduce Glare
Everything below the line of sight should be darker, everything above can be brighter
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