Whole Body Fatigue
Control of Whole Body Fatigue
Necessary if work is near or over capacity
Engineering Methods
  • Workplace Design
  • Task Design
  • Tool Design
Administrative Methods
To measure whole body fatigue
Work Rest Scheduling
Rest as % of Total Work Time = (PWC - Ejob)/(Erest-Ejob) *100

  • Ejob = 1/5 Kcal/min (represents the energy expenditure rate for seated rest)
  • Ejob = energy expenditure rate required to perform job
  • PWC = Physical Work Capacity
Individual Fatigue Monitoring
Work is NOT safe if:
  • During 30-60 seconds after work: 
    HR > 110 beats/min
  • The difference between the HR 30-60 seconds after and 150-180 seconds after is less than 10:
    HR30-60 - HR150-180 <10
    HR150-180 > 90 beats/min
Worker selection using Aerobic Capacity Testing
  • Similar to heart rate calibration
  • Compare lines to determine physical capacity
  • Lines that are more horizontal are better
  • X-axis: energy expenditure rate (kcal.min); y-axis: heart rate beats per minute
Heart Rate Creep
HR creeps upwards during the work shift, tells us it's too fatiguing, should level out
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